Flight Delay Claims

Was your flight delayed for three hours or more in the last 6 years? If so, you could be entitled to compensation of hundreds of pounds.

Under European Regulation EC 261/2004, airlines are liable to pay up to €600 to passengers when they have experienced long delays, as long as it was not due to ‘extraordinary circumstances’.

Flight delay compensation is applicable to circumstances where the passengers have been denied boarding, had their flight cancelled, delayed or re-routed, missed a connection or had their flight overbooked.

The amount of compensation payable by airlines is not related to the cost of your ticket, so it would not matter if your flight ticket cost £20 or £2,000. The amount is based on the distance of the flight and the length of the delay.

Can I claim compensation for a flight delay?

In order to make a claim for compensation of up to €600 per passenger, you must be able to answer yes to the questions below:
1. Was your flight departure date within the last 6 years?
2. Did your flight take off from the EU or arrive in the EU on an EU Airline?
3. Was your flight delayed for 3 hours or more?
4. Was the delay caused by reasons that were not an ‘extraordinary circumstance’?

Some airlines may offer compensation by way of vouchers, which you can accept if you wish, however you are entitled to receive compensation in cash and can refuse the offer of vouchers if you wish.

What Are ‘Extraordinary Circumstances’?

‘Extraordinary Circumstances’ can include the following and you will not be able to claim delays due to:
Acts of terrorism or sabotage;
Security risks;
Extreme weather conditions;
Political or civil unrest;
Hidden manufacturing defects;
Industrial actions.

You can however, claim for the delays due to the following:
Airline staff e.g. airline staff members who are ill or late;
Bad weather which affected a previous flight meaning that your flight was delayed as a result;
Denied boarding, if you followed all procedures correctly and arrived at the check-in desk and gate on time or if a flight was overbooked;
Technical problems with the aircraft, with the exception of hidden manufacturing defects or problems due to sabotage.

What should I do if I have suffered a flight delay?

If you have suffered a flight delay you should do the following:
1. Check whether your answer to the above 4 questions are yes;
2. Keep a record of the flight destination and length of the delay;
3. Gather and keep all documentary evidence to prove that you were on the flight, such as boarding passes, flight purchases etc.

What if I no longer have paperwork for my flight?

If your flight was a long time ago and you no longer have any paperwork, you will need to find out the flight number, time and date of flight in order for the airline to check passenger logs to ensure you were a passenger on the flight in question.

It may be helpful to trawl through your emails if you have booked your flight online. Alternatively, if you booked your flight through an agent you may be able to request your flight details or paperwork from them.

What if I have experienced a delay on two different flights (outbound and inbound)?

If you have experienced a delay on both of your flights, we will need to submit two separate claims.

As the circumstances of the delay on each flight may differ, both flights will need to be assessed on its own individual merits.

If your flight is directly connected (the delay of your first flight resulted in you missing the connecting flight) this will need to be submitted as a single claim.

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