Zulfiqar Rahman

Case Worker

Zulfiqar’s in depth knowledge in asylum, detention and Judicial Review has strengthened our immigration team since he joined us. His preferred practice areas are immigration and human rights and accordingly, he has been developing his skills and experiences in these areas of public law. He occasionally supports our criminal team as well.

Senior legal practitioners often appreciate Zulfiqar’s drafting and legal submissions. He is equally good at advocacy and regularly appears before the First Tier Immigration and Asylum Chamber. He previously appeared before the Social Security tribunal.

Zulfiqar is very good with clients. He is experienced in dealing with clients from different backgrounds.

Prior to joining Londonium, Zulfiqar worked as a Student Director of Immigration Tribunal Friends at BPP and as a caseworker and advocate at Zacchaeus 2000 Trust (Z2K).

Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC), BPP Law School, London
LLB, Northumbria University, Newcastle

Practice Areas:
Public Law (Immigration, Human Rights and Judicial Review)
Crime (Immigration related crime e.g. False Representation, Identity Fraud)